Covid-19 Measures

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The Pistachio Tree.png

Clearly Covid-19 presents a big challenge for all shops - especially little ones like The Pistachio Tree!

Please follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask when visiting.

We have a lovely handwashing station for you to use, just inside the door.

Squeeze some of the handwashing liquid out, then give your hands a good scrub for at least twenty seconds. Dry your hands with the disposable towels and put them in the bin directly in front of you!


We top up the towels and empty the bin as needed.

Image by Anton

We have a clear screen fixed to the counter.


We accept contactless payments (and cash too!), all of our shopping bags are paper.

Our staff put on a pair of fresh disposable gloves whenever they handle cash. 

The external door handle and both handrails are wiped down with a suitable cleaner every time someone enters or leaves the shop.

All café tables and chairs are also cleaned between customers.

See you soon!


The Pistachio Tree.png