Almost ready...

Yes, it has taken longer than we hoped, but big changes are finally happening:
Packaging-free groceries, you will be able buy goods such as: chocolate, sweets, olive oils, cereals, spices, cooking oils and liquid soaps, dishwasher tablets with no packaging, yup, bring you own jars and containers!

- Pre-ordered
fresh loaves and rolls, baked by Jay in The Secret Cottage Kitchen & Bakery, initially twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday) they will still be warm when you collect them!
In a little while, lovely gluten-free choices too! I have two different sourdough starters as well as pesticide-free herbs from our garden. You will be able to order 
one roll if you wish, don't buy what you don't need!

- Once the baking is humming nicely, we will start selling locally grown seasonal fruit and vegetables too, do you grow any 
spare fruit and vegetables that you don't need? Well contact us, and turn them into cash, and we all eat better at the same time !

Initially, we will be open on Wednesday and Saturdays, we need a group of volunteers to support  Jay and Allison, so if you want to help, drop us a message! W
e also have a whole new Shopify-based website nearly ready to launch, you will be able to 'click and collect' our yummy goodies from North Tawton and the fabulous DIY shop in Okehampton town centre!!

The Pistachio Tree is also being incorporated as a
Community Interest Company, which will mean that all profits have to be re-invested into the business.

We would welcome ideas for what you liked, what you didn't and any new ideas, please drop Jay a line at

Gorgeous Gifts

for all Occasions

Treat yourself or your
friends and loved ones

Our products have been handmade or finished by local artists and crafts people

Gift Wrapping Service

Compliment your chosen item with bespoke gift wrap

We Post Internationally

You can buy our gorgeous gifts from all over the world

Craft Workshops

For the moment we have suspended craft workshops, please feel free to contact us if we can help you with any new craft you want to try as we have lots of lovely craft supplies for sale!

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The Pistachio Tree.png